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Tri-EPIC Regional Emergency Planning Committee
Core Members: Towns of Brimfield, Charlton, Douglas, Dudley, Oxford, Southbridge, Sturbridge, Webster, and Harrington Memorial Hospital
in partnership with: American Red Cross, Central MA EMS Corp., Central Region Homeland Security Council,
MA Emergency Management Agency, MA State Police, Overlook Life Care, Radius Healthcare
Response - Evacuation

Pre-Planning for Evacuation

An order to evacuate could come at any moment. By planning ahead, individuals can evacuate quickly and safely without sacrificing important documents and family mementos. Copies of important and irreplaceable documents or family pictures should be made, and the originals placed in a bank safe deposit box away from home. The goal should be to spend as little time as possible collecting possession following an evacuation order.

Evacuation Checklist:
  • Lock door and windows and turn off utilities as you would for a vacation.
  • Shut off systems that draw outside air, such as fire places, furnaces and air conditioners.
  • If you can provide transportation for a neighbor who has none, do so.
Bring essential items, such as:
  • Medical supplies (prescriptions, first aid)
  • Money (cash, credit cards, important documents)
  • Personal hygiene items (washing, shaving, dental, eye-care, sanitary)
  • Clothing, bedding
  • Baby needs (formula, diapers, favorite toys)
  • Portable radio and batteries
  • Miscellaneous useful items (matches, flashlights, plastic bags, manual can opener)
Keep your radio tuned to a local station for emergency news updates.

Additional information is available at:

Evacuating Yourself and Your Family
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